ok, this computer is an old one my dad found. it came as a motherboard of Tyan Trinity 510, AC97 Vinyl Deck Audio drive. it came with an ancient video card, nVidia Riva TNT, so old. I downloaded the updated, since new windows install, even used the nVidia auto-find drivers to get it(couldn't find it normally)..downloaded, ran, 'could not find hardware'...well, got raw drivers, decided to update it manually, pointed to right area, said it couldn't find any to match..odd?

now i have another, very good cards(relative term, used it before, but the other mobo is broken, sorta). nVidia GeForce MX4000, nicely made, handles anything..tried to put it in, series of beeps on boot-up, it was 3 quickly, a pause, then 5 quick ones, nothing else. no screen display at all...
i need to know what to do, honestly. this one mobo, the Tyan, has a 1.7ghz Celeron in it, more than my old 950 mhz Athlon AMD. this one is also the one that can handle my 1 gig RAM stick. i'm using this for games, everything's forcing me otherwise..

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Without knowing your version of bios for the mobo its hard to pin down the POST error beep codes, however its most likely a video error that has occurred and the BIOS cannot initialize the video screen to display any additional information.

If its an Award Bios, a video problem beep code consists of a single long beep followed by two short beeps. Any other beeps are probably a RAM (Random Access Memory) problems.

Have you had the system working with the 1gig RAM module in place?

Can only be either Faulty or incompatible, badly/wrongly seated vid card or imcompatible/faulty RAM module.

Are you able to test these pieces of Hardware in another system?

the video card works fine in my other computer with the messed up mobo(hit by lightning, battery back-up shorted and i think it had to discharge into the only thing plugged into it, the computer)
the RAM is brand new, Kingston, just bought and took from package..

my BIOs installed is the one from Windows XP and service pack 2; would upgrading the BIOS, if i can find one, fix this problem? it can play 2D games, like Master Of Orion, StarCraft, but mostly i made it to play 3D games..

how do i check BIOS version? i went into motherboard resources inside the device manager, it says
"driver version: 5.1.2600.0"
the processor page says same thing. what am i missing?

oh, hm, sorry, won't let me edit my post so i gotta doublepost, sorry

i looked as my computer booted up, said this:
Tyan Trinity 510 (lots of spaces here) v1. 05. 060702

this relevant at all?

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