hi guys,

I've just put together my new system consisting of:

Phenom x4 2.6ghz, Asus m3n-ht deluxe mempipe mother board, Tagan 900w bz psu, 4gb 2x2gb ocz reaper 8500 1066mhz ram, seagate 7200 500gb sata hd and xfx geforce 9800 1gb gx2 gpu.

I put all this in my old atx super Lan boy case. with my old floppy and opticals.

When i first went to boot it up it powered for about 5 seconds then shut itself down again then powered up and shut down every few seconds after. (my case doesn't have built in speakers so I'm unable to say what beeps occurred I'm afraid) I've had no signal at all on my monitor (plugged in with its agp lead in to motherboard- gpu is dvi and i don't have a lead yet)

I then stripped the system back to just the processor and fan, ram, gpu and monitor, set it up outside the case and the same problem occurred then as well. I then tried clearing the cmos and after that i found that the system then powered up for a few seconds then shut down but didn't continue to restart and then stop again like it did before.

I also checked the cases power connection (shorted the pins with it unconnected) and tried it without the gpu to see if that worked with the on board graphics and all had the same result.

Thank you in advance if anyone can help me with this.

try running it without the floppy drive, just a thought but I've in the past when i used floppys they go bad. you could check to see also if the floppys like is on constantly, thats a sign i believe of a bad drive.

yeah, ive stripped it down to its barebones with no drives attached at all and still the same situ :-(

got an old bios battery to swap out and check that?

ok, had a look in my old md, had same size/make bios battery in it, swapped them around, and still no joy