I was on my computer today and it was running completely fine, then all of a sudden there was beeping and it shut down. Everytime i turned it back on it would beep then shut down after like a minute. I opened up the ABIT EQ and it shows a couple categories are red and too high, a lot of the voltage levels are too high.

NB Core: 1.51
NB 2.5V: 2.49
5VSB: 5.09
12V : 11.99
3.3V : 3.33
5V : 5.12

All of these have red bars indicating they are too high, but the numbers look normal to me. Are the numbers too high and if so how do you lower them?

Those voltages are fine. You cannot change them (either up or down). You can only change CPU voltage and memory voltage on motherboards that support tweaking and overclocking.

What about CPU temperatures and CPU fan?

how many beeps do you hear?? sounds like something wrong in Post on self test... that could mean something is wrong with hardware... could be that your cpu is to hot, your cpu fan won't work... maybe bad error in memory could be alot...

the beeps code mostly tell you what is wrong with it

yes, tell us how many beeps you heard

try rebooting while holding down spacebar