Hi all,

Once every 2 days or so my screen randomly shows images which look like the screen in these photos:


If i leave my computer off for a few hours it fixes itself. I think it is because of a problem with my video card. What do you think?

If yes, could you maybe recommend a replacement? My card is a ATI radeon 9550 and I want something that will also work with a game called Spore (recommended video card is something like an ATI 9800) but i dont have much money.

Thanks all,


(ps. on the screen shots, the small differently coloured box near the centre of the screen is where the mouse is...)

Step 1, switch monitors. ( I think it is the LCD panel personally)
If that fixes it, replace or repair that LCD Monitor. Do this and repost.


Thanks for the advice. Since it was quite an urgent problem i just went out and got a temporary video card which fixed the problem. Not sure what was wrong with my old one but replacing it has fixed the problem.

thanks again

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