i don't know what's the problem with my cd-rom drive but the icon in MY Computer keeps on disappearing frequently. i tried clicking on device manager, scanned the hardware but it remains hidden. The icon isn't visible. Can anyone plz help in this regard? it's too frustrating at times. Thanxx....

First you should whether it is a hardware or a software problem, if you have a bootable CD such as windows xp or windows 2000, try to boot with it and if it boots successfully, then the problem is with your software that is the operating system, in this case you can reinstall the operating system or format and perform a clean new install.
But if the cd doesn't boot then the problem is with your Hardware. You can try changing the cable between the CD drive and the Motherboard.

Wise and Nice suggestion Mohan,

Which OS are you using ?
Which CD-ROM do you have?
Please give us complete configuration of your computer.
Make sure the data cable and power cable is properly plugged into the CD-ROM and the other end of the data cable in the motherboard.
Please note that the data cable should be
plugged in a sequence with the power cable. The red strip on the data cable should be parallel with the red wire of the power cable.

After turning on your computer, just press
the F2 or del button to enter the BIOS setup and check the IDE configuration and
see if the CD-ROM name is there or not.
If its there then it is detected by the computer.

There could be a driver problem with your CD-ROM.