Maybe someone can help a little with some of the problems my mother-in-law's computer is having.

She's had her 1210 for a few years without incident until this week. It was running like molasses even though the CPU was supposedly mostly freed up, and it randomly powered off. No big deal, turned it back on. It sent along the error to Microsoft (as if they care), then went back to normal.

Flash forward a few hours. It randomly powers off again, only this time, when it's turned back on, the power light is flickering on and off like mad. I powered it off, unplugged everything, blew out the dust with canned air, gently removed the fan and heat sink to clear everything out around the processor, checked the motherboard for issues, checked the wiring, etc. No go. It'll power on, check the CD drive, act relatively normal, but the monitor never registers anything. From what I saw on a few other forums, similar issues seem to happen with Presarios a lot.

So, am I going to be the lucky messenger to tell my MIL that her processor burned out, or am I missing something?

Any help would be appreciated.


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remove all non essential parts and boot up. remove ram except for one stick and startup also play around with ram by swapping it out.
post and update

Well, still no go. Took out the non-essentials and swapped out the ram.
Something I neglected to mention earlier, I'm not getting any beeps or processor indicator lights.
The video card seems to be built into the motherboard, so I can't check it against another one.

does it scream for attention when you remove all ram
Note:make sure your cpeaker wire is attached on your mobo

As in "Pull out the ram while it's running", or turn it on minus the ram?

[sorry for the late reply]
as in pull out all ram and start it up and see if it gives a number of beep codes
post results

Ran it without ram, got nothing in the way of beep codes.

aunisstly it sounds like your mobo. under normal operation removing RAM should give a string of beep codes.thats the reason why I actually wanted you to remove all RAM. I think its time to take it to the local technician for him to confirm.

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