im trying to insall a new SATA HDD into my tower. I have a new XP pro OS for it, but when i installed the HDD or the old one i get a blank screen before BIOS no beeps no display errors. Ive tried using the video card i had in it before and ive tried hooking it straight to the mobo and still starts up blank anyone know if the drivers are causing this? Also here are the tower specs. Thanks in advance.

Hi blaircroft, when you said "blank screen before the BIOS" do you mean there's no activity at all, not even a display or beep after powering up the computer? was it working before prior to installing the new HDD? you might have accidentally loosened up one of the vital parts or connection inside... check if you have power, you'll know this if the fan for the power is turning, check if the mobo is getting power (LED or the CPU fan)... if power is ok, then its up to the beep code, a "no beep" usualy means its the CPU, although on some mobo, it could also include the memory, check if those two are still properly seated on their respective slots; also check the cards specially the video card if its not built in to the mobo. If you want live assistance on the step by step procedure on how to fix this problem, you may calling this number 1-877-787-8749, I forgot the name of this support but the guys there could definitely help you out.

HI thanks for the response

It just beeped until i put the graphics card in. Ok ive gotten past the BIOS screen but now the screen is blank with a cursor at the top left. I checked the boot order and ive got it set to boot from CD-ROM to HDD no floppy. The drives card memory everything is recognized in the BIOS. This is a brand new un-formated HDD w/o OS does that have anything to do with it?

ok im running the XP Pro setup im not sure what to do about what its asking. Its asking me if i want to install on an unpartitioned space or to create a partition in that space.

Personally I wpuld create a partition and install the OS in that partition,The size depending on the size of your HD ( 50GB should be plenty-but more if you wish),You may then use the remainder of the HD for storing data etc.

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