Acer laptop 8200 travelmate will not start after being off for a long period of time. I press the power button and the CPU fan starts going the screen remains black, the CPU activity light starts to blink, and then you can hear the fan just stop turning while the screen remains blank. It will do nothing after this point even though the power light remains on. I have tried removing the battery and using only the battery. No new drivers have been installed. New motherboard about a week ago but it starts up ok sometimes with no other problems. It can take upwards of 10 times turning on and off for the actual computer to start up.

If you have installed a new motherboard and haven't reinstalled the OS this could be your problem. Windows OS don't like to see different chipset, the registry has different IDs for these and when you change the motherboard you will add new IDs which confuse the OS and usually results in needing to have the OS reinstalled. If you wish to read a good article on this go here.

Thanks for the tip i didnt know that and I will certainly give it a shot but I was having this problem before the mobo was replaced as well.

Did you secure the monitor to the motherboard correctly? Just a thought.


Whoops, didn't see you had this problem before replacing the mobo.

And I dont believe that would be the problem anyway, the monitor connected properly because after I press the power button a few seconds go by, the screen stays dark but you can hear the fan quit working on the CPU so it must be something more than a loose monitor connection.

was this PC connected to a external monitor recently, you might need to switch back with the Fn key.

Do you see anything on the screen, the bios, some logo anything?

No external monitor and no logo or anything, screen stays black and definately did not hit the Fn key to switch to external monitor on accident. The laptop does not post.

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