my hardrive shows in post, shows in device manager, but does not show any where else. eg My Computer, Disk Defragment it does not show in all these things.

It might need to be re-formatted

you cannot access the hard drive from any where including xp setup so formating i\does not work

Zalakes, did you read the guide I posted?

I assume this is a new hard drive you've rigged up, so in order to access it you need to create a partition which you then format. The link above contains detailed instructions on how to do this in Windows XP. ;)

its not a new hard drive... What im saying is that you cannot access the drive. it was working fine until a few weeks ago, u can see the drive in device manager but no where else.

I see now, sorry for the mix-up. What kind of drive is it? Model, make and interface type.

Regardless, you should check out the disk management section mentioned in the guide I posted. That should provide some information on what exactly is happening with the hard drive.

i used seatools and found lots of errors on the drive so i think i should just throw it away or put it in the freezer. lol

Actual bad sectors or possible partition errors? I'm not sure what Seatools tests for but you could just have a corrupted paritition. If there's nothing worth recovering then perhaps a zerofill utility could give you a working (albeit blank) drive.

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