faily simple question to you guys i suppose, but i need an motherboard upgrade for windows xp pro.got the flash program and file but a bit worried of all the bad press on bad flashes.its an old jetway633aspro board is it worth taking the risk or is replacing the board a better option.
cheers geoff

are you talking about flashing the bio's and if that is the case most of the time when they company comes out with the new bios it usely fix's problem that it has and for flashing the wrong bios most motherboard will not but up if it is the wrong bio that depends on the motherboard maker when you go to the companies site look up the same model that you have and if there are different versions of that model look on the motherboard on the bios chip it will tell you the number and version number and match up that way i hope this helps

if you have motherboard that won't boot up after loading the wrong bios clear cmos if it is one of the motherboard that don't have the cmos clear switch take off the battery that will clear it out