for some resone my computer is running super slow it takes15 min to get in to windows and for ever for every thing else i re did windows and thr same thing i even tryed a nother hard drive same thing it takes 1 day to install windows this is crazy can someone please help im losing my hair over this thank you

1 day to install windows

WOW!!!!! post all your computers specs(every bit of hardware) and if you can download anything
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As u have installed windows twice may creates memory troubles or may be registries also responsible for this... for improving speed..u can defrag hard drive, delete unneeded files,remove useless programs,remove temporary files, delete remnants of
the uninstalled programs...
u can also do disk clean up..!!

As for cleaning & optimizing.. u can try Advanced System Optimizer..It has lot of utility and has best optimizers with it..!!
Registry Cleaner
Registry Optimizer
System Cleaner
Disk Optimizer

they all can fix the problems that i stated above..!!

It will definitely help in improving system speed...try it..!!

I think there is a problem in the RAM. You have to increase the RAM. Otherwise there is a problem of the virus so use the Genuine Antivirus and scan the computer. Yet the problem is not solved out than format your computer otherwise contact to your hardware engineer.

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