my father bought one p4 computer from our family friend for my educational purpose. the computer has worked only for the first day next day computer's keyboard stops working after some hours windows doesn't start then the our family friend came and we also put earthwire. then he installed new windows then after some hours the computer hasn't started and the display doesn't work cpu starts beeping please send some use ways to solve this problem.

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How about posting the beep code (pattern) along with BIOS installed. Beeps can mean a lot of different things.


What is the make and model of this computer?

If you know this, you can google it to find out what the manufacturer of the BIOS is. You can find the beep codes for most BIOS here.


Fist of all the CPU doesn't beep. that is coming from a speaker mounted on the motherboard. now willcomp is right the beeps can mean a lot of different things.


i switched the power supply and before i switched the beeping wasent there

So start your own thread instead of dredging up an old one and explain your problem in a little more depth.

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