I just Bought a New Mic and my PC didn t even detect it. The Mike is Media-Tech MT-386 . The computer is running on a MS-Vista (os).
It isn t even listed in the device manager.
PLZ help me..

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Thats because there's no driver installed for the device.

The news probably gets worse, i cant seem to locate a vista compatible driver for the Media-Tech MT-386 whilst having a fish around here: http://www.media-tech.pl/serwis.php?section=drivers&by_os=VISTA

Did the mic come with a vista compatible driver disc supplied?
If the hardware manufacturer hasnt released a driver for vista, your in a spot of bother.
Maybe another member can find one?

Good Luck

First of all thx 4 replying......
The mic didn t come with any disk.
But i think i will solve the problem ...i will change my os to XP..

- More Reliable
- Less Memory Taken
- Less Features that i dont need
- faster


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