Hey! My computer keepson restarting. I tried to replace the Mboard because the ligth indicator was already red. It boots up but it continuesly restaring and it doesn't starts Windows.

It tries to view the black screen with safemode option and start windows normaly but if I choose any of those options it restart. What can I do?

A cmos battery wont work Im afraid. Go in through safe mode and see if it does the same. While in safe mode you might want to check event viewer witch will direct you where to start.
Please POst you're results


Does it give you any windows boot screen and then restart or just restarts right after any selection? I'm currently having the same problem and I'm thinking it's a missing boot file...

A bad Power supply can also result in this

I think it is HD problem (bad sector)


to all poster telling poster to go to safe mode ,reread his first post !HE DID TRY SAFE MODE Already,and it didn't work

their is something wrong with your hard disk. try to replace it.

it also may be in the operating system.

Er guys this thread is 3 years old. No point posting in this thread anymore

try to repair your O.S

it has also happened to me once

Who are you referring to symon. The original poster is gone and this thread is 3 years old, no point posting anymore

It's case to case basis bro. There are a lot of things that can lead to continuous restarting of your computer. 1st is maybe your mobo is the prob.(In your case it's not, cause you've changed your mobo already). 2nd is if your OS is corrupted. 3rd is if your HD has a bad sector. 4th is if your memory has a problem. plus if your power supply has its own problem. I suggest that if you have a friend with the same spec as your procie and other peripherals, try swapping them to find the real problem.

this thread is 3 years old!!!

Yup i agreed with you Rik from RCE. That is what i have been trying yo say in my previous two post stop posting here. you guys never listen