I downloaded an App called SpeedFan, and I was looking at my voltages. They are VERY low, but my system never crashes. (Althouht I have noticed a little lagginess.) I have a 450 W PSU, that outputs all the correct voltages. (According to the label) Here is a picture of what I saw.

I will try another voltage monitor, as well as check my settings in the bios, and report back.

That doesn't appear to be correctly reading your system. Are there any other monitoring tools installed?

I used Sandra Lite and Motherboard Monitor, and they all gave me the same voltages? Maybe I should go into my computer with a volt meter and check for myself. (What would be the best way?)

Maybe you should uninstall all the monitoring tools and then reload and use them one at a time. Conflicts between them may be leading to incorrect readings.

I just installed each one, yesterday, and trided them just at once each time.

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