One day started a 3d game computer crashed and restarted, now i have vertical lines at startup and when it goes to windows the same. I took everything out video card, ram, cpu,etc. and reseeded all the components, tried one stick of ram, then the other, same thing happens. Have a hp desktop with Geforce 8800 gts vid card. 2 gigs of ram, when i get to Windows and go to properties it shows a exclamation mark under the 8800, however i reinstall drivers and still starts up the same way and when i get back to windows it shows the drivers for the 8800 with an exclamation mark, also the internet is connected and i dont have internet any help is appreciated

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Also when it goes to a black screen I see a whole screen of white characters


that is interesting. the exclamation mark either means that is doesn't have a driver installed or the hardware is bad. you said that in re-installed drivers so my guess is that your vid card is bad.


Erratic graphics indicate one thing: VGA gone bad. Especially if it is as early as pre-booting. By pre-booting I mean something like motherboard logo corrupted, or erratic characters showing on screen in text-display-mode prior to booting OS.

All other display-related and display-driver-related problems are to follow.

Probbably one of the memory chips is toasted. If your warranty is stil valid, use it.


I feel your pain man. somtimes computers just aren't good enough from the factory.

"Mod or Die" that's my motto

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