I'm trying to find out if things that run on my PC are necessary, boot up takes forever.
I saw that realplay.exe is running and can't find where it gets started, it is not in the system services folder yet starts up when booting.
I read where this application on boot up could cause it to be very slow.
I also have AOL security on my pc.
I am running windows XP on a Dell pc
Any suggestions will help

at the start button go to run,type in "msconfig" with out the quotes" in there you will find the Real Player , un check it and any other program you recognize and don't need running .reboot after you finish ,then check not to show this again in the dialog box that comes up after reboot.


I aam not very keen on AOL security either, as i have personally experienced it and didnt find it secure or reliable for that matter as it ruined the performance of my PC along with gettin bugs onto it. SO i'd recommend u to have some other security software and also run check for any adwares or spywares as that could be the reason it takes so long to boot up. With AOL security i dont find it hard to beleive that you r PC could be infected.