I had a previous thread and have resolved it for now but I am looking for some advice on problems with my HD. I had a dual boot system and my primary hard drive was a Wetern Digital 80 GB and my secondary was a Maxtor 80 GB. Before my primary HD went out I noticed that my HD capicity was getting smaller and it went to approximately 40 gig before it went out. I did not notice the capicity on the secondary before it went out but they both went out about the same time. I just replaced them with a single boot sytem using a Western Digital 320 GB and it only show it as 298 GB with 286 GB free space (looking at "My Computer - Local Disk C:"). I understand that some of the space is occupied by my OS (Windows XP pro) but should it be using 32 GB of space or do I have a problem with my computer.


Brandon :'(

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hello ,not sure of the actually numbers lost ,but when you format any hardrive it changes the gigs size and its always less.
i have a 160gig ,2 partitions ,but they only total 149 gig so i lost 11 gig after the format .just the way it go .

Thanks for the reply. My other HDs had been formatted several times. Good to know that it is not my computer, it is old but I really like. I does just what I need it to do.



It does just what I need it to do.

that the important thing


your welcome!

why my powerbook doesn't read my new internal hard drive?

why my powerbook doesn't read my new internal hard drive?

I don't know jrocio, tell us, Why doesn't your powerbook read you hard drive !
maybe because you put it in and you weren't sure what you were doing, maybe you bought the wrong one ,maybe you need to format it and load your os

just kidding ,really though , maybe you should have posted your question in the mac forum .link to it here . .create a new post and ask you ? again , good luck,

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