hi all im here tryna sort out this issue with my pc, it powers up and jus freeze no beeps no nothing not even a signal going through to monitor. a few weeks a go i unpluged the pc to move it when i plugged it back up n power on i heard a lingering beep n the pc frooze on start up, after tht it jus stays in the power up state no beep no signals, now i notice the fans stops sometimes n the power lights are still on, can any bdy help with this?

What is your bios !
you may of jolted the video card loose or a power connection inside the pc.

Check ram is secure in the slot /slots

yes i checked ram few times, now the fans dont run but i hear the hard disc powering up and lights are on, but no display still

the bios was not changed since i got it but i checked the power chords they were ok, the fans start first then stop like if there is a short or something

What make is your pc !!!
long beep on computer will depend on bios
ie-Phoenix BIOS
Continuous Beep depending on bios shows as No Power, Loose Card, or Short.
or RAM i would have a good look inside check all conections and leads.
I had a problem with one of the power leads inside touching the case!
Check keyboard ...no keys stuck down

Is your cpu fan not working
if not your cpu could be toast!!!

Make sure all fans are running in the computer. If a fan has failed (especially the heat sink fan for the CPU) your computer could be overheating and/or detecting the fan failure causing the computer not to boot.

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