A couple of days ago, my hard drive completely died. I didn't back up my work files, and would like to get them back. Is there any way I can get them back?

The hard drive is absoluetely unrecognized. The SATA cables are in perfectly but the hard drive is unrecognized. If I remove the hard drive (which had Windows Media Center installed) or if I leave it in, the message is the same, which is "please insert boot media" or something like that.

My friend suggested I place linux in the disc drive and try to get the files of there, because linux can run live without any hard drive, but the computer won't recognize the hard drive.


There are 2 possibilities.

1 - Place the hard drive in a zip bag then put it in the freezer overnight. It's a long shot, but it could get it to work for a short time.

2 - Take it to a data recovery specialist. This idea will get your data back but it will probably cost quite a bit.

I think there some microsoft recovery software for recovering files from harddisk, hope u can try that..

If the bios will not pick the hard drive up then no software will work on it.

> Place the hard drive in a zip bag then put it in the freezer overnight.
I recently chucked out a drive which would only work after it had warmed up to something like normal operating temperature.
An hour or so in bright sunlight worked for me in this instance :)


Thanks for the advice guys. I might try putting it in the freezer first. So if I take it to a data recovery person can he get my stuff out even if the hard drive is dead?

If anyone knows, what would a fair price for a data recovery person to get the contents?

Thanks, much appriciated

No idea about cost of data recovery as we don't know where in the world you are!

In that case I expect data recovery to be very expensive. I have no idea just how expensive it will be tho as I am in the UK.

For more info on data recovery visit <snip></snip>


Thanks, guys. Your help is appriciated. I will try to kickstart the hard drive using the freeze or sunlight thing, or if I deem the data to be very important, take it to a data recovery specialist.

Hopefully I still have the warranty around...

In the future, if you can't loose it, back it up!