I just built a system but ran into some trouble with the casing. It fell down and the casing broke. I got another casing and rebuilt it, but when I tried to start it to install the OS the computer wont power up. i dont know whether the board could be bad because i already had the board inside when it dropped.
ANy suggestions on what to do will be greatly appreciated.

What exactly happens when you say it wont power up? Do you hear any fans or hard drives spinning up, any beep codes but no monitor signal or just plain old nothing?
No lights, no sounds, nothing?

no lights, no fans, no hardrives, no sound, no lights, no nothing. THe monitor gets its power from the CPU and comes on so i dont thinks its problem is from the power pack.

THe monitor gets its power from the CPU and comes on

mmm....this is very unlikely, but you probably mean PSU which is also out of the question.

The monitor most probably comes on through its seperate AC power connector but you most likely see a 'no signal' message on the screen?

You probably need to seriously go over your build set up and make sure that everything has been connected correctly with all PSU molex's being where they should be and all expansion cards are seated correctly where they should be including RAM etc.

All mobo connectors (ATX, front power switch etc) are correctly positioned aren't they?

I fear you have left something amiss!


Well if the monitor comes and no fans, no beeps happens, that means that the PSU might have been damaged in the fall even worse could be the mobo and the HDD. they are not that rough n tough to withstand falls and stuff. SPecially HDDs are not very good at getting knocked around. Try your system with a different PSU first, then test each components a#to see which one is at fault. Your memory sticks would have survived most likely, so would have the cpu as welas the fans.

Check em and see if it starts up for you.


I have resolved the problem. I mixed up the front panel connections. That was the problem.
Thanks for all the help