Well... I just got my new computer built and am using the same monitor that I was using with my old one but... the bottom of the display screen shakes whenever I turn it on (The picture chakes not the monitor itself)

Does anyone know what could be wrong? Is my monitor giving out or something?


There might be two reasons why this is happening as far as i know, this could be a hardware issue in which the graphics card might have a fault, however that is unlikely but still a possibility, Have u tried to refresh the monitor? do you have the correct resolution loaded, typical should be at 75Hz if you are sure that they are all ok then yes i think that the monitor might be on the way out.

I fixed it... it was a battery back-up device that I needed for my computer and it was sitting so close to the monitor that it was actually touching it :o it is working now though :mrgreen:

Thanks celor, My monitor was acting like the ligtning in the sky when startup and often come up with black screen. After seeing your comment I moved A/c adapter for my cable modem as far as I can. Now the problem solved ( I hope...!!)

Thanks guys