A while back i bought my computer with an 80 gig Hard Drive in it. I was for and is still used for Gaming.
But a bunch of bad stuff happened to it, and some how after i fixed it all i was left with was
One 10 gig Hard Drive [ C Drive ] and
One 70 gig Hard Drive [E Drive ]
Which was fine for a while.
But i recently got Call of Duty 4 for the P.C.
i got it all downloaded onto my E drive
But when i go to download one of the patches it says that i ran out of disc space.
as of right now i have 1.27gigs on my C drive
I have even tried saving it to my E drive and i still run out of room.

What i was wondering is if there is anyway i can combine it all back together, or maybe somehow download the patch file using my E drive instead of using the space on my C drive

Let me know


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Hey Novaman
If the game is installed on the C than the patch must also be installed on the C.

As for merging the two partitions you'll need a tool like Partition magic. But first you'll have to backup you're data before using the tool. The job will take much longer but its worthed seeing that you might loose you're data if you dont backup first.If you need some immediate space you might wanna try tools that came with windows like disk cleanup, DiskDefrag witch will give you some more space, however it wont merge the two partitions.

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