I am building a htpc and using a ecs elitegroup nforce 6100 mobo and I think it might have died. The fans spin, the ide drive and the hard drive spin and so does the fan on my graphics card. However it wont light up the network lights when I plug in the ethernet cable. Also Im not getting any video output through the onboard video or the pci card any suggestions.

Also second questions Any suggestions on the rest of my pc:
OCZ DDR2 800 2gb
500 GB Sata WD HDD
Nvidia geforce 8500 gt 1gb
Haupaugge wintv pvr 250
AMD Athalon 64 X2 2.4ghz
Phillips combo drive ide drive
ECS Elite group nforce 6100

Besides the above mentioned problems any other suggestions for making this better
I plan on installing linux mce.

Thank You

Do you plan on doing any graphical design or gaming? is Linux going to be the only OS on this machine?

Sounds like the mobo is bad. it's getting power but not passing data, that's odd. if the video isn't working that means there is something wrong with the north bridge(if it is a hardware problem). do you have a spare mobo you can try?

If linux will be your only OS you will be fine. if you are doing gaming you might want to bump up to an 8800 gt. it's not much more expensive and it is well worth it.

in my opinion i would use an Intel chipset, just because i think they are a little more stable and generally last longer.

Yea linux will be the only os and very little gaming mb some cs 1.6.

Any suggestions on a micro-atx amd socket AM2 mobo that supports ddr2800 and has 1 pci-e 16x and at least 1 pci slot. For like $90.