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I came home one day and found my computer off which it is always running, come to find out that i had a cpu fan go dead. went to the store and bought a new one and put it on the cpu. all the lights come on and the fans turn but thats it. with this said i figured it was time for an upgrade. i bought an intel E8500 chip a biostar mobo and 4 gigs of ram. oh also in feb. i replaced the PS last feb. when that died. i bought an MSI turbostream 500w PS thinking that when this upgrade happens ill at least have that set. now that i have the new mobo,cpu,and ram in the same problem prosists fans turn on along with the lights but thats it no hard drive activity or no typical boot of sounds. throughout this whole process there hasnt been a single beep. so im at the end of my no how and curious to see if anybody has any ideas. ive removed the ram and HDDs to see if theres any change and none.

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Did you apply some termal paste on you're CPU?

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I just used the paste that was included with the cpu/fan. i know that i probably should get some better stuff but just havent yet.

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Yesterday i ordered a new PS to see if that was the problem but not sure if thats the reason since there's power to run the fans and lights. the only other thing i can think of is if somehow the mobo is getting shorted out.

Make sure you have not screwed the mobo to tightly as this can cause shorting.


I wondered if you could let me know if your new PSU fixes your problem, as it does sound very similar to my problem.


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Well my PS arrived lastnite and put it in and what do you know the system fired up like a charm.

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