I am looking into switching my motherboard over so i can use pci video cards Instead of agp and i was wondering if i could still use all my bits and whatnot from my old rig on the new motherboard, my main concern is my cpu....
the motherboard im looking at is pretty much the same thing just with more ram slots and a pci slot instead of an agp.

in short.
Can i get my celeron D from one LGA775 to another LGA775 on a different motherboard.

Thanks, I hope this makes a fogy silloute of sense to you guys

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please answer my crys

yes you can, but be aware that if you use windows xp that can create unwanted problems. Windows XP does check for changes in hardware configuration and it may kick a message that you need to reinstal your system because to many changes been made to original hardware since system instalation. If that happends, I recommend that you reinstall your system...

My one hard drive is partioned up into 2 parts D and C i only use C for xp and D has all my other stuff, When i swap motherboard i can easily format/reinstall XP onto C: would that work?

It is just win xp what need to be re-instaled. It does not concerne any other hardis or patition

BTW. Please help im about to go through with this but my father wont allow it hes paranoid about changing my cpu from 1 Motherboard to the other because of the Paste like substance i put on and the heatsink.

The thermal paste you mean?

Why doesnt he like the idea of it?

Because wont it be all dry and stogdy and be glued onto the heatsink?

you are supposed to clean it off and apply new stuff if you break the seal

lol wow i wouldn't have thought it possible. 12 pages, lol

M$ looks at several items to authenticate your OS, changing the CPU will nullify this. You will need to contact M$ to correct this.

ill be formating the drive witch m$ is installed and reinstalling, wont that do?