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I'm planning on selling my Toshiba Satellite Laptop that I bought in 2005. It has an old, decrepit Celeron processor, 1.30 GHz, 480 MB of RAM, and Disk C: 55.8 GB. I haven't wiped it clean yet, so I don't know if that's how much it's using or that's how much overall. I found it on the General tab where it has all of the computer information, next to where you put the Computer Name and all that.

It also has some problems. The power jack needs to be soldered so that's causing the laptop to turn off after a while. It also needs a new battery. That's all I know that's wrong with it, it could be more, it could be less.

How much could I sell this thing for?

Also, how do I "restore" it back to how it was when it came from the manufacturer without the disk it came with? I don't want someone finding private stuff off of it.

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I would say if you can get $100.00 US as-is then take it, would make a decent computer for someone that is a light user on a tight budget. For the battery try a batteries-plus store, if you have one local, they MAY be able to rebuild yours with new cells (same battery w/ new inerds), but even so, doubt its worth the cost. Best wishes, Mav.

depends on where you live as to how much people will pay for it ,i can sell p2 333mkz 4 gig hdd,128 ram where i live for $80.to 125.00, boaters and fishermen buy them to run there maps and charts .

well, i know pc's can be a expensive hobby so i sorta know what you could get for it.

i think in the range of $100-$180 AUD.

its a "ok" price.

the one thing that will cut the price you get for it is, the DEAD battery .because its not portable anymore.

Okay, cool.

And how do I restore the thing to the manufacturer way before I give it away? Is it possible without the restore CD?

Okay, cool.

Is it possible without the restore CD?

no, you will need the recovery disk .
but if you are giving it away just format it and let the new owner worry about getting windows but on it .
to format it go to www.bootdisk.com and get a win98 boot disk and run fdisk

If you have any really sensite info on the puter then I recommend using a free progy called "Dariks Boot and Nuke". It does pretty much what it sounds like, it will clear everthing, and make it unrecoverable, even by govt. agencies and data recovery specialists. But for most people this is unnecessary, a simple reformat will delete everthing, and data recovery (by taking the HDD apart) is reqd to recover the info. Good Luck, Mav.

Well if the condition is good, around $75-125... but judging by the problems you've mentioned, maybe $80-90?

this is my estimate! So don't depend on it

Erm, this thread is FOUR YEARS OLD. I'm guessing he has sold it by now... THREAD CLOSED

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