I got a new imac g5 about 2 weeks ago, the problem is sometimes when i move my mouse the cursor will fly all the way to the opposite side of the screen, i am currently not using a mouse pad, could that be my problem? or is the mouse damaged?

Nevermind I solved the problem, how would I remove this post since it is no longer needed?


Please tell us what you did to fix it. :)



It was very simple, and actually quite silly. I was not using a mouse pad, and my desk is a glossy stained wood, so that was conflicting with it. I just put some light blue colored paper underneith and now it works find.


That's great.

Older technology optical mice had a special mouse pad that they used, as the mice would not work on normal surfaces. The technology was not there yet to pick up motion off of normal surfaces.

thanks for getting back with us.


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