I have just bought a new Mobo, and to my horror there is only 1 IDE slot. I have bought a Sata PCi card with a IDE slot on it....

I have a hard drive and 2 DVD RW, What is best, the hard drive on the PCi card or the 2 DVD RW on the PCI Card


A single (or none at all) ATA headers is the norm in nearly all new motherboards

If you put the hard drive on the PCI card you will need to reinstall windows. And installing windows using a card like that is a gigantic pain in the ass

keep the HDD on the mobo, and use the card for the DVDRWs

never thaught of simnply upgrading to a SATA HDD? probably cheaper than the card lol.

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Yes, i will get to buying a couple of sata RW's, but after spending 135 quid on a new mobo the wife is going nuts and I dont want to temp divorice yet.. I have 2 other HDD on Sata. I just needed advice what was best ATM with my IDE slots.

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yeah for now put the burners on the card and the hdd on the mobo slot
its easier that way