Ok i need help please. This is driving me insane.
Here is what going from beginning. Processor fan went out on my motherboard so i shut computer off and waited for new one to arrive. Well i installed new one and then computer would not come back on. the power would but that is all. So thought i damaged the cpu so i bought a replacement and nothing so then i bought a motherboard because i saw a place i scratched it when i put fan on. After i put new motherboard nothing. Then after hitting the reset button many times in frustration it finally boot up and went to bios and said that the processor was sent wrong speed so it at 100mhz default. Which is fine because that is what the other board was set at. Well the computer will boot all the way till pci device listing screen.
i currently tried taking all cards out except the video card and even replaced video card with another one and still nothing. reset the bios. changed memory just about everything i can think of. I read on a web sight that if the hard drive is bad then it will not go further. Even if the hard drive was bad wouldn't it Still try to load the floopy disk drive if i told it too in the bios boot up scenario?
Please someone help

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Try pressing down "F8" key when PC powering on, then select from the boot manual, "Last Known Good Configuration" and hit enter.

Also, have you try use windows CD to boot the PC?

Clean the CMOS by removing the mainboard battery and reset the jumper is also a good try.

Hope this helps!

thanks for your help i think the processor is bad just bought a new one. the one i got from atomic overload was bad suppose to be a AMD ATHLON 1000mhz SOCKET A 462 CPU | 200mhz FSB but when it did boot into bios it kept coming up that it is set a the wrong freq and list it as a 500mhz . I tried to contact them to get a replacement but they suck and would not respond to me. I guess that is why they are so much cheaper then everyone else your stuck with the junk they give ya. I tried to put old processor back in and it will not do anything.

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