Hey Everyone!
I'm preacher219 and believe it or not I'm still new enough to laptops to be naive. I have an old Dell latitude Cpi R400gt laptop that I bought for my son to use when he was in college. While cleaning out his old room I found it stuffed under his bed. When I turned it on I received a message that read "Primary hard disk drive 0 not found. No bootable device selected." I went to the bios screen and sure enough it read as follows:
Primary Hard Drive: None
I am unable to find a way to to assign C as primary drive and have no idea how it ended up this way. HELP!! Any suggestions would be greatly appreciateD!

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The drive has either failed or been disconnected. It's one of three things;
1. Your hard drive controller has failed.
2. Your Hard drive has failed.
3. The connection between your drive and motherboard is bad.

If it's 1, you're pretty much out of luck.
If it's 2, you'd need a new hard drive.
If it's 3, you're either able to replace the cord (warning, most laptops don't actually have a cord, but rather a direct socket. I'm not sure about this model) or you're going to be referred to option 1 or 2.

If you're doing this as a "project", go for it. It could be fun to play with it and hopefully get it restored, but keep in mind this is not a useful computer. It wont run anything but Linux (streamlined distribution at that) or XP (very slowly). The system is pretty dated you wont be losing anything since you haven't seen it in years anyway.

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