my internet went offline lat night fix that by connecting with an ethernet cable but ive just noticed that nothing connected by usb is working.

i checked in device manager and it says everything is fine. ive installed new drivers, still doesnt work. ive installed new drivers for the devices that use the usb's, still doesnt work.

ive checked every forum on the net and tried nearly everything that has been said all with no joy.

does anyone have an idea what i can do to fix this problem?

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Since you've done everything to resolve the problem. Only I can see is buy a USB 2.0 pci card.


Check your usb ports. Maybe you have loose usb ports (too much clearance between female and male sockets). Check also their connections inside the cpu unit.

If none of them worked, I think you will have to run your system with a usb pci card.


try to reset the BIOS, see if it works, do you use an optical mouse? i recently encountered a problem at my office the usb port also doesn't work and when we plug in an optical mouse the infrared light doesn't come out, so what we did we try to reflow or resolder the usb port and it works fine, but don't try this if you have no experience in soldering you might damage your mobo..


im using a wired mouse. ive seen this thing about trying to reset BIOS. how do i do it? and what does it do to the computer?


Do you have probs with the usb that came with the mobo or/and those extra given with the case?

If not check if you have any loose wire that should connect to the mobo from the case.

The only way of reseting the bios as far as i know is by replacing the chip itself, well i dontknow hope i helped.

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