I keep getting an error message"failed to initialise properly (0xc000001d) " when I try to load a game. I have tried to find out what this is and have been told it could be my CPU. It is an AMD and so does not have SSE.

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It is an AMD and so does not have SSE.

it doesn't then get it some !lol

I no little or nothing about you problem or SSE ,so i search and see was created by inter in response to amd's 3dnow ,so im guessing here but did you check you 3dnow functions !maybe the game is just to much for you system to handle ,but then again you may have a 1000.00$ Quad core watasa ma callit install in a 600.00$ motherboard who knows, you didn't mention anything about you system

Need more info friend. What PC do you have (CPU, mobo, RAM, video card), and what game are you trying to run?

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