Im trying to locate a motherboard from a reputable manufacturer and It needs to have a 64 bit PCI bus, support DDR ram, and an intel pentium 4 processor.
right now im running a system that is using:
Motherboard: MSI intel 845D Chipset (845 Ultra-ARU)
Processor: Intel Pentium 4, 1.7Ghz
Memory: 1Gb PC2100 DDR
I also have 2 64 bit pci cards i need to set up..

seems that all 64 bit pci motherboards i have seen so far do not support the DDR ram. can someone please help, any input is appreciated. thanks

i dont think theres a server board for p4 with ddr yet...mayb its in the works...

I have compaq pesario computer which unable to start up, and do not show any bios feature

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