i have a persario sr1210nx and i have no idea how to put in a new graphics card i know that i need a pci card and to install it into a slot but i just dont know where to plug in the power supply can anyone guide me please.

According to Hewlett-Packard product description once you click on Motherboard Specifications, MS-6577 (Giovani, Giovani2) you have 3 PCI slots. (I had a look on the photographs. )In theory you can plug it to any of them, but it is recommended to start from first.

I'm not sure if you have already new card if not, make sure you get the correct slot format. You want PCI, be careful not to buy PCI-E which stands for PCI Express as this card does need different slot which you do not have on your motherboard. Just an example what you should be looking here is link to UK shop.

For the others, please do not post links to any shops if macfall do not request so. We do not know where he is from and my link is just example of some available products on the market.