Hello-last night I was on the internet watching a Camtasia presentation when suddenly my laptop crashed and threw up a blue screen with lots of white text. At the top it said "kernal data inpage error". And eventually the computer threw itself into reboot.

The loading of Windows XP was slow, not fully successful. So for the next two hours I kept rebooting. Sometimes I would get an error message along the line of "Microsoft Windows Error Signature" followed by BC code:7a BCP1: Co3DD9E8 BCP2:....... so on and so forth.

Another periodic message would be "System has recovered from serious error".

Eventually I thought I'd worked out the glitch in the system and finally fell asleep at 4:30am hoping and wanting to believe my laptop was alright. But this morning while online, the computer did the same thing.

My questions are as follows:

1- Does anybody know what caused this or what this is?
2- I did a System Restore using the Restore Wizard and reset the system to Oct. 31, 2008. But I still am having the same problems.
3- Should I do a RESTORING YOUR ORIGINAL SOFTWARE using the five restore CDs that came with the laptop?

If that is recommended, the instructions say to turn on the computer then when the curser is blinking against a black screen before the Windows XP logo comes up that I am to hit one of the F keys to access the setup utility. So far I hit F12 but that took me to Safe Mode along with two other Safe Mode options. (does anybody know what F key I'm suppose to hit to get into the setup utility so I can tell the computer to boot from disk?)

In the instructions it says to take out all PC cards before doing a restore. I pulled my wireless Verizon card but not the networking card because it looks very complicated to do that so I put the cover back on and backed away from that. Can I do a restore from the CD disks with the networking card still in the computer?

Also at what point do I put the first restore disk in the CD drive?

I'm writing this on my laptop but at anytime I expect to be thrown into that blue screen again telling me an error has occurred.

Any help would be deeply and gratefully appreciated.
Ava Land

I thought this prob. looked familiar. Did some checking to be sure.
1) empty "Recycle Bin" on a regular basis.
2) delete a lot of the unwanted files on disc. If you want to keep some xfer to a CD/DVD disc , THEN delete.
3) there's a VERY remote possibility that you have a physical RAM issue. Use canned air on inside of box, most especially around the Ram AND the CPU/FAN ass'y.
4) check pagefile size settings. let OS decide file size.
5) defrag disk(s)