Just in the last couple of weeks my mouse has stopped working after I reboot my comp. If I unplug it and plug it back in again it works fine, until the next reboot anyway. I've tried different usb ports, a different mouse, defaukt mircosoft drivers, the latest logitech drivers, disabling my AV but nothing seems to help. Any ideas?
I'm using XP pro and logitech mx310 mouse to btw

Have you tried an old mouse which doesn't use the usb port but the round mouse port ?

Hi Cira224, have you tried checking the power option settings of your computer? had a similar problem before on my laptop computer and I tried all what you did but nothing worked until I called support, the tech had me check my computer's power settings and found out that it is set to turn off or suspend the power on my USB ports if left for sometime, similar to what it does to the monitor, he had me change a few things and it worked well after that. Check if you have the same option in your computer, I don't recall the steps and the computer I have right now does not permit to go to control panel, if you want step by step instructions, try calling this number 1-877-787-8749, I forgot their name but they might be of help.

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