Hi, I am trying to configure a computer to switch on remotely with an IP power management unit, connected to the internet. The switch does apply power to the computer however the On/Off switch on the computer needs to be pressed. I have looked for options in the AMI Bios ie Wake on Lan as the pc is connected on the network and the internet but this option does not exist. I have looked in Power Management options however the only options there are - Power Button Mode (On/Off or Suspend) Suspend Power Saving Type (C3 or S1), Restore on AC Power Loss (Last State), Suspend Time Out, Video Power Down mode, Power on by RTC Alarm, Power on External Modems, Power on PCI Device, Power on by PS/2 keyboard, Power on by PS/2 mouse. Any suggestions ??????

what you are apparently looking for USED to be a special chip ADDED (boot rom) to the LAN card itself. unless the board's manual covers this some way (I assume you've checked there) the above is you best option. most boards don't need/use the feature with the onboard LAN so it isn't put there, the machines are simply left running.

I enjoy powering ON/OFF my PC over internet every day. I installed "Power Web Button" card and now just use my browser from any remote location.

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