I'm running a Geforce 6200 vid card on my mobo, it used to be fast and clean, but lately when I play world of warcraft, I'm having to turn all settings down to min and after playing for 40 minutes or so, my monitor shows flickering and either going from 32 bit to 8 bit color scheme, and even shut down, the monitor flickers trying to engage the vid card but unable to do it. Once I reboot the system, it is fine for awhile. I smelled the burning ozone smell, but am unable to find any scorch marks on my mobo, ram, vid card so confused on what has gone awry inside my computer. Any help or direction would be appreciated :)

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my friend try to instal windows again n check if u fix card well or cable at the back of graphics card slot our if stil u have prob then change wire or call technition n that not gfx prob my bro dont wry about it

Yeah the vid card is overheating. Classic symptoms.

Download a tool called GPU-Z. It will show you the temps of your GPU and fan speed %. Play for while and alt-tab out regularly to ake a note of the temperatures you experience. Post the results here.

burning ozone? is that sorta like a weaker smell of burning plastic?

By the way, it could be any component overheating.

my old amd athlon X2 5200+ got up to 100 degrees centegrade.

my old amd athlon X2 5200+ got up to 100 degrees centegrade.

Then its going to die sometime soon....

Well I have pulled my old vid card and am running the onboard. Yes it's definately a junkier version compared to my gforce, but it's stable. I haven't had any issues with gaming since, other than the typical stuttering that my onboard has since it's so old.

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