I had a power pin fault (had loose connection with board circuit) and managed to fixed by removing the board and rejoined with soldering iron. then it works ok but the lcd display became blinking and then turned into negative film like colour (like a film negative shading-no original colour). then restarted, the lcd panel changes with in 5-10 minutes of working. then removed the cover and screwed all threads well and removed and connected the lcd cable to board, RAM removed and connected again. But now no booting but the power lights (3) comes as usual, when push the power button, the sounds of starting comes but the hard disk or processor light didn't turn on and processor fan is not working. But the battery getting charge and some fan sound is hearing, beep sound comes when press lcd closing button in the front and dvd drive opens. Only one time when i unplugged the power cable and started, the screen with toshiba appeared and windows started and got struck. I changed another hard disk but same appears.

OS : Windows xp
Speed: PIII
RAM : 256

please help to solve the problems.


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Dear all,
now the system runs smoothly after removing and cleaning the ram, replugged the system battery and screwed well. But the blinking of the display is still have problem. When the cool environment, it has small blinking but without external table fan cooling and opened with lot of applications (AVG scanning, firefox, ms word), it has frequent blinking.

First i faced the problem when i tried to install the MS Powepoint 2007. then i stopped to install it.

try and download Motherboard Monitor and check your fan rpm and system temperatures. You may need a better cpu fan or just need to remount the chip with new paste.

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