ok this is what i have:

Intel duo 2.53ghz
3326MB RAM
Geforce 9500gt card

now the problem i have is, when i play games a short while into the game the graphics go all weird. funny coulers and even in the menu screen it sometimes give strange stuff. it is only in the games where it happens.


Have you got the latest driver and latest DirectX for your card?

I have similiar configuration, Dual Core 2.5, 2gb ram , gigabyte gforce 9500GT 512mb.

Download and install latest nvidia drivers and update your directx.

Games works perfect with my configuration.
No problems.

thanx for the tips, i have downloaded the most recent drivers(400 & something mb and in South Africa you pay for every dam mb you download) and updated directx, still does it.

does anyone think it could be the card itself?

i'm not to bad with i.t and it is really bugging me!

check cards fan is it working if it doesn't have one check heatsinc for dust build up and heat .take side of case and touch card to see if its really hot when it goes funny

Yeah sounds like either not enough power or overheating (the latter is probably likely in africa)

Look for a tool called GPU-Z. In one of its tabs it displays the Fan speed and Temp of your card. It should be 55-65 when idle and no more than 75 ever, even when playing games (ideally when gaming it should run 60-70)

These temps are in degrees C by the way.

thankyou i'll have a look at the heat aspect! Sounds like that may be! Thanx for the help so far guys!

Do you think directx 10 can have something ti do with it?
Cause i've got XP!

Thanks again everyone!

Where do I find the GPU-Z tool?

Yeah DX10 is no problem.

DX10 aint used by nothing apart from a few recent games, and they all work fine on 9c as well. On a 9500 you wouldnt notice any difference anyway as the DX10 stuf is used for the effects on very high settings, which you aint gonna get on a card like a 9500 anyway.

i think this is getting a bit iritating, i did everything you all told me, still does it! except for red alert 3 it only happened once, games like far cry2 & kane & lynch all the time. the temp runs at 50-57 so i dont think it is that! I think i must just throw the card away and get a new one! bugger!!

thats wierd

How many watts is your power supply?

Also. i dont know how good the 9500 is, but my 8600 lags a lot if i try and run far cry2, red alert 3 etc.... on high. Medium/low works bets for me.

i'll have a look at the watts, not at my pc at the moment! i have another question for you, why if i have 2 X 2GB RAM it gives me 3336MB and not 4?

Thats normal. No 32 bit OS cant properly use a full 4gb or more of ram due to the way memory is addressed by the CPU.

Yeah in terms of comparison between generations:

7900 = about the same as an 8600
9500 = about the same as an 8600
9600 = Not quite as good as an 8800 but way better than an 8600
9800 = Quite a bit better than an 8800.

They've really made a mess of their model numbers with the last couple of generations. What happened to the simple 6xxx > 5xxx > 4xxx and 5900 > 5700 > 5200. :(

It was never like that. E.g a 6800 is about the same as a 7600.

So i bought shit! I am gona take it throw it against the wall and jump on it! How will i be able to play GTA 4 when i buy it?

when i was in England i bouhght a 7800 le or something like that, and i must say it was awesome, never had a problem! i think i'm gonna tell my friend i want it back! I always liked geforce, but now after what you guys said and what i experienced i dont know anymore!


It will probably run gta4, but not on high.

The 9500 isn't junk, it just doesn't perform as well as some others in that same price bracket.

i could never figure out spending countless dollars on making a computer a gaming machine ,why not just buy a x-box or cube thingy or some out here machine made for gaming ,and not a computer made for office work

out here machine

= other machine

i have the same card but 1gb gigabyte nvidia 9500gt 1g and i have the same problem but not in all games gta4 works fine with me very nice and pes10 and codmw2 very nice all works fine but batman arkham asylum was working fine untill i installed diffrent version of physics it does like ur card i don't know why but all the rest of games works very fine i also play with maximum graphic all high even in gta4 i think the problem may be the windows or because i'm pci-e x16 not 2 or because the piwer supply is 350 watts anybody help me???? also the saboteur has the same problem and street fighter iv