Hello all... hope every one had a nice x-mas :)

Can any one tell me of a good HDD that does not fail as quickly as the Maxtor's ... this is my 2nd HDD from them (120GB DM9 SATA), and again it just stops the entire system to a holt. Only had it for 6 month ... I ran there util on it to find out if the hdd is completely screwed but it says no, yet it holt on a full zero fill or NTFS formating and any time I try to use a particular section on the drive... now short of tussing this paper weight in the freezer and see if I can access any data, I'd rather just get a more reliable HDD.

I use my system heavily for gaming file transfering over the LAN and d/ling files o-line... so I could do with a HDD that's a bit more reliable than those of Maxtor's Diamond Max line.

Kind Regards All and thx for all responses.

I've only twice had trouble with Maxtor drives in a decade (and using about a dozen of them).
Neither was the fault of the drive (bad controller on the motherboard blew them) yet in both cases Maxtor replaced the drive under warranty.

Contact them, their support department is good.

I have had great luck with Maxtors...

It sounds like you may have more of a problem with how it is set up and how much ram.

If your not setup right or you have too little ram you might be having excessive drive access...
If your case is very full or you are using removeable drive bays the drives could be overheating etc...
Do you have any temp monitoring inside your case?

I have had wonderful luck with Maxtor products, but not so great luck with Western Digitals. On the average Maxtors have outperformed the Western Digitals and cost about $10.00 less for essentially the same size product. I also use AcomData and have not had any problems with that either.

maxtor and seagate are probaly the two best manufactuers IMO, my 160Gb maxtor HDD is a beast and my 200Gb maxtor SATA HDD is lightning fast also as quite as a mouse

We have incredibly good luck with the Seagate PATA drives... they come with the five year warranty. We have only had one failure out of nearly 200 drives we have installed. We have not seen any success even close with any other drive over 40 GB. The new Toshiba and Samsung drives are also superb but we have not seen enough to know long term reliability yet.
When drive manufacturers started building hard drives larger than 30 GB, we began seeing major reliability issues. Western Digital, once the Crown Prince, failed way too often. IBM Deskstar became Hitachi Deskstar with once a great history, became failure prone. Maxtors have been bad. Tri-Gem and larger Fujitsu have been similar trouble.

I had a 400gb ATA Maxtor drive crash (hard!) on me about 4 months ago. I was still able to recover most of my data by placing the drive in the freezer overnight in an airtight ziplock bag. Since the drive was still under warranty, the nice folks at Maxtor sent me a 500gb drive for free, and I returned the 400gb.

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