Does the coating on my monitor screen affect the picture quality. I washed the screen with windex and i'm not sure wether i damaged the coating. All the coating is is anti-static right? Nothing I should worry about for image quality? I have a NEC Multisync FE770 Flat screen monitor (CRT).

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If you don't notice any difference, then there probably isn't any difference!

Regardless, when removing unsightly blemishes from your monitor, you should only use a clean, soft, lint free cloth (I like to use a slightly damp cloth). If they prove stubborn to remove, use a small amount of non-ammonia, non-alcohol based glass cleaner. I don't know about your version of Windex, but here in Australia I believe it contains a small amount of ammonia, which is a no-no!


Yeah, anything that has ammonia in it is a bad idea.

I use 100% isopropyl alcohol here at work, and store bought isopropyl at home. Hasn't damaged any coatings.


Oh, and by the way, i found out that the coating on computer monitors is more than just anti-static coating. It helps prevent color bleeding. So it does affect the picture quality a little. In case you all wanted to know.

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