with christmas over I'm now looking into buying a new computer case. I've googled about but I think I've narrowed my search down. I don't really wish for a moded cases , the case must be sold in sliver or at least white so it matches everything else. Also it must be able to hold more than 4 HDD and 2 CD bays. And preff not over £60

I know this sounds a little demanding thats why I'm using this has my last resort, when it comes to pc cases I really am lagging behind ...

Well, any help will be greatly appricated



does anyone have the Lanboy super edition I knw it doesnt come with a speaker but is it really needed?.....

OMG! the link to the first case is awesome! Shame I cant find a UK supplier!

just word of advice --
don't shell out too much money on a new ATX case

Intel released a new mobo form factor Balanced Technology eXtended -- BTX
Cases in the near future are going to be adapted to fix this form factor instead.

-Soral 3.0

I don't think we can expect mainstream BTX for another year or two. The Antec Superlanboy is an excellent case. I also really like the aerocool aeroengine cases, but that's just me. If cooling is important, the Temjin 6 is the best air cooled option.

arr thanks for your ideas guys mostly appricated. However i went to maplins and sorted out my needs, just brought an addon bay that fits under the exisiting 3.5" bays so all sorted :D and cheap haswell

Newegg.com , tigerdirect.com , amazon.com only you can pick the design you like lol. Look for one with a built in powersupply if you can. But your lookign at oly 60 bucks so well see what we can do.
http://newegg.com/app/manufact.asp?catalog=7&DEPA=1 (start here)
theres alot. just keep looking.

60 quid is more than 60 bucks, mind you right now, I think a pound is worth about $1.90 US. So, he's got around $120 US to spend.

hi! happy new year!
imho use thermaltake:) good cooling, tooless and quite light, if you always go to LAN parties