Hi everyone. My PC won't boot just yesterday.

I've got an MSI K9N Neo motherboard.

The problem started when I plugged in a flash disk upside down because the upper barrier of the usb is broken out in my pc for some reason and then the pc hanged.

I can't turn it off nor reset.

After that, I just took the power cord out of the socket and put it in again, when I put it in again and turned on the pc, it doesn't post, but the videocard, processor and system fans are working fine.

The DVD drive doesn't flash, but the keyboard lock buttons flash when I turn it on and then they turn off again.

I can't turn it off nor reset by standard procedures, so I need to take it off the socket if I want to turn it off.

I already tried:
Taking the battery off the PC for 15 seconds.
Taking the USB connectors off the mobo.
Reseating the video card
Transferring the RAM to another slot(there are 5, i put it from slot 1 to slot 5), then back again, then tried to boot without RAM.

What could be wrong?

Mobo is fried.

It's not the first time that broken USB jack fried mobo.

Mobo is fried.

It's not the first time that broken USB jack fried mobo.


thanks for the reply btw. but how could i know for sure? mobos are expensive stuff. got a good replacement suggestion for a better mobo variant than the msi k9n neo?

i sure hope the cpu didn't get fried too.

The problem started when I plugged in a flash disk upside down

Yeah the motherboard is probably fried. PC repair shop sounds like the best bet.

I agree with jbennet.

If you want to be sure that the CPU isn't fried, the only way is to put it in another mobo (if available) and see if it works.


risky option: up to you:

take the heatsinc off the cpu, turn pc on for 5 seconds, (no more or fry cpu) and if cpu hot then ok if cold then probably fries with your motherboard, but still don't rite cpu off until fully tested.



It will still get hot regardless of whetheri its functioning or not

Hi everyone!

Got it to shop and it seems the mobo did get fried, and the power supply was also damaged.

Too much damage from just a single flash disk.

Anyway, can you tell me where this happened before?

Anyway, wish they made better usbs. Devices should be made to account to ignorance/user error you know. Putting them upside down is kind of common.

To hotmatrixx: very bad advice, i don't want to risk damaging my cpu too.

I fried my usb print server plugging in a printer upside down when the tab fell out but never a whole pcv motherboard. I have a laptop with the same problem, but that just powers off or crashes.

that's cool. i did put the RISKY warning up first.. have you ever tried plugging a USB in in the dark? the amount of arcing you can get is kinda scary. and it explains how it will fry something so bad. especially if it is from a powered device like a print server or an ext HDD.

Yeah i know once i got some major arcing when a usb lead contacted the grille on the back of my case. Thaught i was plugging in the sync cable from my PDA, but it was the charger (the other end of which was attatched to a mains adapter). Woops ;)

Bee Flying backwards. (ZZUB ZZUB)::ooh: icon_idea:


to clarify::

"What noise does a bee make when it is flying backwards?"

"It Goes "ZZUB ZZUB""

electricity makes the same sound. don't make me explain it any further or you will just kill it. ok?

Glad to hear you got it sorted out in the end.

Kill it? It never came to life.

I say what I see. If you find my words offensive, then you find reality offensive.

I guess you had to be there.

I was zzubing around, he he.

If all else fails, use a bigger hammer.

^Reminds me of Murphy's "Don't use force, use a bigger hammer"

For the future reference, my signature is a joke on me.

All parts should go together without forcing. You must remember that the parts you are reassembling were disassembled by you. Therefore, if you can't get them together again, there must be a reason. By all means, do not use a hammer.

-- IBM maintenance manual (1925)

i am almost speechless. that is funny. LOL man.

if you use a big enough hammer, you will quickly come to the realiseation that the new one is better than the old one anyway. this realisation will soon give way to the understanding of hindsight:

get the new one BEFORE using the hammer.

Too much damage from just a single flash disk.


not so, you are lucky it didn't go on fire ,all things are possible!

i have seen motherboard usb connections melted/burnt right off and some wires above the plug with the plastic coating burnt off, board had a powered usb hub installed.

when the cover comes off throw it away or have it fixed .!

i am REAL unhappy guys.

actually i am kinda glad.

i had not heard of this happening before - Ihave seen agp gfx cards, and modems do it, but USB?

Guess what?

happeneddd to me today.

a USB wifi card. it wasn't working, I touched it (it was up on the wall) said something like "thats' (really) hot" and looked down to see the PC reboot.

it is an asus Mobo, it brings up the 1st screen, pre BIOS. where it says press ?? to enter setup utility and all that jass. and that is all the jazz I get.

so is the Mobo fine you think? just the bios chip? new one for me. those are my thoughts. but it might be easier o get a new mobo maybe.


its had a chance to cool off. working again.


yeah usb Wifi cards are crap they alwas seem to get insanely hot.

The Mobo, not the card. I won't be using it again I don't think. scared me good that one did.

You might want to keep an eye on voltages.. Might be that PSU suffered some damage. Do a test: load your CPU to 100% and watch the voltages with Asus Probe II.

where is that utility? will it be on the machine? or download?

I have it on Asus CD that came with mobo, but you can download it here. All you need to do is to fill in the mobo and OS specs. It should be available under "utilities".

[Edit: Maybe it is called PC probe.. not sure]

sweet. play later. bed now. 3am here. config tomorrow for 7 machines in 2 networks over 600m WLAN, incl imac (=pain)


use WDS to deploy and config custom image over lan?

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