I know some of you would ask why bother, but I have a perfectly great Laserwriter 4/600 PS printer which I purchased in 1992. It is a serial printer, and as you know, the Macs dropped the SCSI slots years ago. It still works, when I can get my old G3 to recognize it. When I purchased the G3 and used the internal modem, I had no problem with the printer because I used an Asante switch which allowed me to print on the ethernet port.

However, when I switched to a cable modem, I needed the ethernet port for the cable modem. A gentleman at Asante solved that problem years ago. He had me get a router so that the modem and the Asante switch could share the same ethernet port. That was in a galaxy far, far away. But, to do that, he gave me a very complicated series of maneuvers to get the printer recognized before the modem was, or it wouldn't print at all.

Now, I use a wireless connection for three other computers in the house, but I cannot get that G3 (which has no airport card) to recognize the Laserwriter no matter what. I know that I had to use a local appletalk and the Asante connection originally when I had the printer plugged straight into the ethernet port. I can't get it to recognize the printer no matter how I change everything I can think of. I really would like to use it with my iMac G4 (running Tiger) or iMac G5 or my laptop which run Leopard.

Is there anyone out there who can tell me how to configure any of the above computers to recognize the printer?

You have to download the Gutenprint Printer Driver Collection. (open source) for Tiger/Leo. They feature a huge selection of Printer PPD's
even for old and discontinued products. Your second chance is CUPS
(http//:www.cups.org/documentation.php) on how to setup. If CUPS is running one can access it via the browser at

Hope that helps.