I have an Inspiron 1150 laptop and it will not start back up. I got it just two days ago and today the screen flickered than it shut down completley. The battery was fully charged and everything. I can't figure whats wrong, it was perfectly fine before. Please help.

I don't know much about computers but this is what it said on the packing slip:
Inspiron 1150, Intel Celeron, Microsoft Windows XP home
anything else you want to know?

To be honest it would require the system specs and for you to tell us what youve done to it recently. It has to shutdown for a reason.... :)

If you cant get the details from the handbook / packaging then it will probably need to be sent to a technitian!! unless someone else starts a rant as to what the problem could be...?

Inspiron 1150, Intel Celeron, 2.60GHz, 14.0in XGA, GLPS761
I seem to have the worst luck with computers...

What have you done / installed ect.. recently before it refused to power up then? have you tried a NEW power supply or checked the fuse in the plug? Your battery may be loose if it flickered then went black