Using NVIDIA NF24-ALH Motherboard with socket A AMD3000XP
I have been unable to boot my pc. The first two fails got a two tone constant warning tone. Now further attempts to boot just get a long single tone. Have never been able to get anything to the monitor and floppy drive busy LED stays illuminated. Have been unable to locate list of warning tones for my motherboard, nothing in my manual.

If anyone could shed any light on this fault I would be most greatfull.


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Both AMI and Award bios use 2 beepe and or 1 beep to indicate a memory error.

Pull the ram chips and reseat them or try a different ram chip if you have one.

If you have multiple chips on the board pull all but one try to boot then swap it out for another to see if the problem goes away..

Good Luck...

I checked and found your MB should have Phoenix Bios...

I found a link to Phoenix Beep codes here...

They are all in groups of four beeps ie: 1, 3, 1, 1 etc

Hope it helps...

Reseating ram can never hurt...

Your two beep error might indicate a keyboard eror problem

Try pulling the keyboard and mouse and booting to see if you get to an error message...


Cheers for the reply man, you pointed me in the right direction.
It has Award bios, which states it is a Memory/Video warning, and it turned
out to be my video card.
So have ordered a Radeon 9800pro, felt I should treat myself :D

Anyway thanks again for the support.


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