I just received a modware kit and thought I would try installing it. I turned off my computer, unplugged the power cord, removed the case, and installed the fan. I wanted to see if the fan would work, but didnt want to reattach the case, so that if it didn't work, I could remove the fan. I plugged the cord back in, and hit the power switch. The computer started up and everything worked fine. I then decided to surf the web, draw on psp, just mess around for awhile before I reattached the case. All of the sudden, my pc shut off. I tried to turn it on again, and when I hit the power switch, the tower started up and the fan came on, except for that my monitor and keyboard didnt do anything. When I hit Caps-lock, the little light in the corner of the keyboard didn't come on. I tried hitting Num-lock and Scroll-lock,
but that didn't work either. I then noticed that the little green light on the tower by the power switch wasn't on. Neither was the red one. I then tested the monitor. I pressed the MENU button on the monitor, and a window came up saying: "NO SIGNAL". I have tried unplugging the fan and turning on my computer, but nothing seems to work. I may have accidentely unplugged a two pin wire labeled "H.D.D. LED", while installing the fan, but I'm not sure. If that wire has any significance, then please tell me where it is supposed to be plugged. I really need my computer back, so if anyone knows about "NO SIGNAL" then please post a message. I have already tried the simple solutions, like making sure all of the plugs are securely in their sockets, and I believe that it may be something to do with the H.D.D LED. If anyone can help then GREAT!!!!!


You have either knocked a component or connector loose, or have moved a connector from where it should be. Possibly you have done both!

You need to consult the motherboard manual for your PC (or download it from the motherboard manufacturers website if you haven't got it) and check that all wires and connectors are correctly attached to the appropriate pins.

You then need to check that all expansion cards and cable connectors are firmly and securely pressed 'home' in their sockets.

The HDD LED connection is nothing more that the connection which goes from your motherboard to the hard drive activity indicator light (LED; Light Emitting Diode) on the front of your chassis. Having it disconnected has nothing to do with your problem; although reconnecting it to the wrong points on the motherboard could.

The "no signal" message from your monitor means that it isn't getting a valid signal from your video card. With everything else you've described, it sounds, as Catweazle said, that you've either knocked a connection or component loose or have mis-plugged something when you reconnected your wiring.

As mentioned, you'll have to check the documentation for your particular motherboard to determine the correct connections; those vary between different makes/models of motherboards.

I have a Gigabyte GA-7ZX motherboard, but when I try to download the pdf. manual file, it is always in french! And, because I have to do all of this research on a Windows 95, it is taking forever. I feel lost. I really don't want to take my computer to be fixed, because I don't want to spend any money. I tried removing the fan and making sure that all of the chips were secured in their proper places, but that didn't work. The only plugs that were unplugged were coming from the power supply box in the corner of the tower where the power switch is located, one being the one I used to plug in the fan.

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