my mainboard Matsonic P4M266A come with 2 DDR + 2 SD. Currently I'm using 1 x 128mb SDRAM with good working conditions.

I buy a new Kingston 256MB DDR 184pins 333 , and take out 128MB SDRAM. It runs but stop after Microsoft Start up screen. Showed with a blank screen.

Then I change another stick Kingston 256MB DDR 184pins 266. Encountered the same problem. So I change again, but this time with difference "chips & 400mhz". Plug-in again still the same problem.

Frustrated, changed 4 times. Please help.

Check your BIOS settings, you'r SDRAM slots are probably enabled, but you're DDR aren't... Too bad SD and DDR aren't compatable. :P

I am using DDR RAM at DDR slot not SD slot. Have done the jumper setting to enable DDR use. I did not run 2 difference RAM simultaneously.

my question is why my DDR still not work. It run until desktop then stop with a blank screen. Why?

Hah, I didn't mean put the DDR RAM in the SD slot. Sorry for the misunderstanding... Double check your jumpers and BIOS settings... you're absolutely positive this is a RAM issue?

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